Pure Copper Alembic Still | 5L | Copperholic
Hammered Copper Alembic Still | 5L
Shiny Copper Alembic Still | 5L | Copperholic
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Pure Copper Alembic Still | 5L | Copperholic

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Pure Copper Alembic Still | 5L | Copperholic

Make Your Drinks Like Our Ancestors Did With Copper Alembic Still! Our handcrafted stills are used to create both alcohol and essential oils. The Copperholic alembic still is equipped with a copper pot, soldered union construction, a swan neck lid and a condensing recipient with serpentine coil. Enjoy producing your favourite drinks all naturally in our hammered copper pot. It is the best and easiest way to make drinks on your own. You can make your drinks anywhere! Perfect for use outdoors or indoors. Features of Copper Alembic Still •Made of pure copper & brass. •Capacity: 5 Litres •Weight: 06 lbs •20 gauge used for belly and onion top as well as the condenser. Since it is not machine made and is handcrafted by skilled artisans there maybe a slight difference in the capacity and size. Care Instructions for a Long Lasting Copper Alembic Moonshine Still •After each use, clean with warm water and soft soap. •Dry the copper still with soft cloth. •Do not leave liquid in the belly when not in use to avoid stains. •Not dishwasher safe. •Do not use in microwave.


  • Colour: Copper
  • THERMOMETER: The built-in temperature gauge in the copper moonshine alembic still displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Make sure the temperature is accurate when distilling. The traditional moonshine still is being widely used in countries which follow the traditional method. The condenser has an additional outlet to make emptying or circulating water easier.
  • HANDCRAFTED: Our pure copper heavy gauge stills are handmade by highly skilled artisans who have been in the profession of making copper items for the past two generations. Unlike other copper stills you do not need to purchase any additional parts to set it up.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: You can use your copper still in more than one way. Our copper moonshine stills can be used for Hydro Distillation, Steam Distillation and for Distilling alcohol. There are different benefits of using our copper pot still. It also conducts heat well and improves scent.
  • COPPER MOONSHINE STILL DIMENSIONS: Capacity: 5 Litres, Height x Length x Width: 75 cm x 32cm x 65 cm, Materials: Pure Copper & Brass Handles, Copper Thickness: 1.1mm & Weight: 10 lbs. The alembic distilled pot still is portable & easy to handle. 20 gauge used for construction of the pot, the swan neck and the condenser with the serpentine coil.