5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Tibetan Copper Bracelet

These beautiful copper bracelets have a special secret. Not only are they beautiful pieces of jewellery and a fashionable accessory they contain properties that heal and attract luck into your life. Tibetan Copper Bracelets 

This article examines these bracelets unique qualities and gives you 5 reasons why you should wear a Tibetan Copper Bracelet.

Tibetan Copper Bracelets- Tibetan Monks

Reason One:

Bracelets are handmade using Tibetan copper beads, the handwoven thread is made my Buddhists who recite mantras using rope whilst creating these.

Spiritual Awakening Copper Benefits


Reason Two: 

Copper is known for being an important part of the spiritual World, with a number of spiritual healings and metaphysical properties. It is used to stimulate energy flow; it conducts energy allowing a movement of healing energies that are sent around the body. It is used to amplify and transmit thoughts and it is believed to provide connections between the spiritual and physical realms with its high vibrating frequencies.

Copper supports in removing negative energy and balances out the chakras in order for you to be in the right place to receive all the spiritual world has to give. If you have felt a sense of lethargy, lack of energy and a sense of felling lost copper is able to awaken your senses and bring you into a much more positive and clearer place.

Arthritis & Joint Pain- Copper Bracelet

Reason Three:  

Copper helps with joint pain and stiffness of the joints. When copper is worn in constant connection with the skin it is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream. It is believed that the healing elements of the copper are then distributed around the body to the joint pains that need it. Its anti-inflammatory properties are thought to reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

Bacteria- Copper Antimicrobial Properties

Reason Four:

Copper promotes a healthier and stronger immune system; it has positive effects on helping the body to fight infections. As an essential trace mineral that the body needs in order to survive, small doses of copper are needed daily. Our body cannot produce this trace mineral naturally so we need to ingest copper through our daily diet- this is crucial to keeping in well health and developing. So copper is a necessary component of our survival. It contains antimicrobial properties which help to fight and combat viruses and bacteria. Pure copper bracelets contain micro minerals iron and zinc. When the bracelet connects to the skin it is combined with the wearers sweat, and it becomes absorbed into the bloodstream directly. This way is said to be absorbed better than taking supplements as it does not need to pass through the liver.

Blood Pressure

Reason Five:

Copper deficiency is linked with cardiovascular disease. Copper promotes elasticity within the blood vessels which regulates the maintenance of healthy blood pressure. This elasticity is vital for the aorta which is the main artery running from the heart to pump the blood around the body. It cannot function properly if the elastic framework is weakened, and copper plays part in this muscle health. Research has shown that low levels of copper within the body has been linked with high blood pressure. Copper bracelets provide another way in which to get the mineral into the body in turn supporting cardiovascular health benefits to the wearer.