Take 40 Winks For Less Wrinkles

Girl Sleeping On Copper Pillow Case

Do you believe in the age old saying- get some beauty sleep? Whilst we usually associate solid sleep and being well rested as having positive and rejuvenating effects on our appearance, would it surprise you if I told you that what pillowcase you sleep on can also have an impact on your appearance too?

Well, it’s true- you can now include pillowcases as part of your beauty kit! It’s been clinically proven that sleeping on a pillowcase that has been infused with copper oxide particles has a number of anti-ageing benefits, from reducing fine lines and crow feet, and helping to prevent wrinkles. Unbelievable right?

Well perhaps it’s not so farfetched when you look at the science behind it.

Copper Infused Fabrics

Copper is well renowned for its antimicrobial properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria, its healing benefits, and its ability to promote the production of collagen and elastin within in our skin which help to keep signs of ageing at bay.

Copper pillowcases work because of the copper oxide fibres that they are made from. At night when you sleep on them your skin is in contact with the pillow case, which allows the copper particles to be absorbed into the upper layers of your skin helping to promote collagen, cell renewal and the rejuvenation processes.

Beauty Collagen Copper Pillow Cases

Collagen is vital for keeping our skin from sagging, and it boosts the elasticity within it, helping to keep a youthful appearance.  It’s as simple as the more collagen we produce the less wrinkles we will have, and the more sleep you get the more collagen production that can happen! Not that we ever needed any more reason to get as much sleep as possible!

In September 2012 a clinical trial was carried out on the effects of sleeping on pillowcases which contained copper oxide particles. It was conducted on a group pf people between the ages of 30-60 years old. It concluded the results that after an 8-week trial there was a reduction of the wrinkles depth and an overall improvement to the appearance of the skin.

More so, copper pillowcases are also believed to have positive benefits on the relief of acne and skin irritations due to its natural antimicrobial properties which help inhibit and slow the spread of bacteria. Acne is worsened when bacteria block the pores of the skin, so a copper pillowcase with the antimicrobial properties that seep into the skin could have a positive impact on the skin appearance.

So, there you have it- copper pillowcases are proven to support in the effects of anti-ageing, and are believed to have a positive effect on acne, who would have thought?

There are a number of different brands on the market, but we have found our favourites and reviewed them here.

Silentnight Wellbeing Copper Infused Pillow

This isn’t a pillowcase but a pillow by the makers Silentnight. Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted sleep brand and have over 70 years’ experience on the market. This copper infused pillow comes with claim that their pillow has 30% more copper content than others on the market. It has all the benefits that we see with copper pillowcases, from providing rejuvenating beauty sleep, anti-bacterial properties, healing benefits, and anti-ageing benefits. It is machine washable which allows you to keep your pillow fresh and clean.


Anti-Aging Pillowcase With Copper Oxide

This pillowcase is made with 100% Cupron Copper Polyester material. It boasts health benefits to renewing skin whilst you sleep. Wash and care instructions for this product state that the pillowcase should be washed with warm water and liquid detergent, but not with liquid softeners, bleaching or any whitening detergents as this is thought to impact the copper oxides within the fabric.  This brand offers two different colours with this pillowcase, a light almost gold colour, or a blue.


 Brightr Luxury Copper Pillowcase | 50 x 75cm

This Brightr copper pillowcase is infused with copper oxide particles, on contact with skin and hair it is meant to promote smoother skin, supports skin cell regeneration, and helps with smoother less frizzy hair. This particular pillowcase also states that unlike other copper pillowcases it can be washed in a machine. This pillowcase is a beautiful copper colour, and would look stunning in any interior. 


With all those benefits sleep never felt so good!