Copper Style Edit - Bathroom

If your tired of your current style and want to change it up but don’t know where to start, in this page interior designer Holly May brings some inspiration on how to inject some copper homeware accessories into your bathroom.

Not all changes within your home need to be both extravagant or expensive to create a different feel in a room. If like many you are loving the current trend in homewares that is copper- bringing this trend into your bathroom can be done both inexpensively and effectively to create a totally different look and feel in here.

Copper Bathroom Inspiration

I have seen many breath-taking images of free-standing amazing copper baths in interiors magazines, which is something most can only but dream of and feel totally out of reach for the many- there are however clever ways to bring some of this feel in without the grand gesture, but still make your bathroom have that wow factor.

Bathrooms, similarly to kitchens are areas that often do not change that regularly due to the costly, and static nature of tiles, and bathroom suites. That said- there are still plenty of ways in which you can change the look in here easily and without a great deal of cost, this is where home accessories really come into their own.

Copper Style Edit - Bathroom

Bringing a copper accent into a bathroom can make a room that can often feel a little cold, sterile and ‘hard’ a lot more warming through the clever use of accessories. The tiles most commonly found in bathrooms tend to be white, or natural tiles- this gives the perfect neutral canvas for adding the zing of copper into to give the room a new feeling.

The moodboard shows just how amazing this can look with an accent of the richness of copper using accessories, set against a plain, backdrop of white. Adding a few small items to bring in a new colour is often a lot more achievable than re tiling to create a new atmosphere.

Copper Axentia Riga Cosmetic Bin

This bathroom bin is a great way of injecting some copper luxury into your room, in both a practical and stylish way. Bins are often something found in almost every bathroom- but not usually something to be admired or looked at- this product breaks the mould and demands attention. It has a 3L capacity, and has a removeable black inner bucket that helps with easy emptying. It’s the perfect pedal bin size for all your cosmetic needs, with dimensions of 17 x 17 x 2.45cm. This will bring an instant injection of warmth into your room, whilst providing a practical element too. Not just for use in a bathroom, this could work within a bedroom, an office, or living room. 


Copper Toilet Brush & Holder 

Similarly, to the bin, this copper toilet brush and holder change a usually quite indiscreet item into something that can proudly be seen within your bathroom, and actively will work together with other products to bring the accents in throughout the room to create a new look.  A great product for both practicality and style.


Copper Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder 

This clever product provides two functions into one handy product- not only does it act as a toilet roll holder- but it also has room for storing another 5 toilet rolls as well. This decorative organisation product gives both a practical solution for both storing and displaying this everyday used item- the toilet roll.  It’s made from a durable quality iron wire, which has been finished in a polished, anti-rust copper effect coating.  Measuring at 59.7cm high, and 14cm wide, this is the perfect accessory if you don’t want to drill into tiles for a toilet roll holder, or if you have a small bathroom as this is a great multi-functional product.


Marbled Copper Bathroom Accessory Set 4 Piece

I absolutely love this bathroom accessory set, the pairing of the marble and the copper works beautifully together. Elegant and stylish, these have a very contemporary feel. The set comes with 4 pieces consisting of; a soap dish, a soap dispenser, a toothbrush tumbler, and a toothbrush holder for up to 4 toothbrushes. They are made from a durable polyester resin material, which is hard wearing, and can even be placed in a wet environment such as a shower. The material has the look of a marble, ceramic or stone and is complimented with the rose-gold copper trim. These would really add a touch of sophistication and luxury into your bathroom.


iDesign Copper Towel Rail For Over The Door

I love finding products that not only look good- but solve problems we might have in our home. This is exactly what this product does. This clever item from iDesign is a towel rail that sits over a door frame that provides the perfect space for a small hand towel or tea towel. Whilst most bathrooms will have a towel rail for the bath towels, many much smaller spaces such as downstairs toilets, or en-suites don’t always have enough wall space for them. This is where a product such as this would be ideal in a small spaced room. With no need for any drilling this is something that can be installed and used straight away. It has a measurement of 22.9cm x 6.4cm x 6.4cm. This clever and innovative product provides both function and aesthetic appeal!


iDesign Copper Classico Storage Basket

iDesign, have gone and done it again with this beautiful and practical storage basket which are perfect for use in bathrooms or kitchens especially. When used within a bathroom or downstairs toilet these are the perfect storage solution for shampoo’s, conditioners, toiletries, hand towels, or toilet rolls. With the beautiful copper finish this storage doesn’t need to be hidden away within a cupboard- but can be displayed proudly on show. They are made from metal making them durable and have been coated with an anti-rust treatment. They come in a variety of 3 different sizes, so you can choose depending on what you wish to store in them. This is a really practical way in which to bring an accent of copper into your living room combining both functionality and style at the same time.


Copper Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser is ideal for bringing a solid accent of copper into your bathroom. It makes an instant statement within your room around your sink area bringing focus onto its colour against the white of the sink. Perfect for liquid soaps, it has a capacity of 0.24L, and measures 30 x 20 x 3 cm. A lovely simple modern shaped soap dispenser for your bathroom.


Copper Bathroom Mixer Tap

If you love the look of copper and want to make a much more permanent feature within your bathroom, en-suite, or downstairs toilet then why not choose a copper bathroom tap. This stunning copper waterfall tap is from brand Rozin, modern, sleek and contemporary this will create a real wow factor within your home. We absolutely love the design and gives us a real hotel, spa vibe.


I hope this page has given you some ideas and inspiration of some lovely copper accessories that you could use within your bathroom to give it a new and refreshed look. If you want some more ideas, tips and our favourite copper home accessories for other rooms, then take a look at our other pages for more copper inspiration. Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, GardenCopper Interior Trend