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Copper Paint Pot

Stacey Solomon is THE queen of DIY crafting.  Her Instagram account is full of her creative and clever ideas, where she repurposes items found in her house, and turns them into something entirely different giving them a whole new lease of life! Her stories are littered with her ingenuous ‘Tap to makes’ and ‘Tap to tidy’s’ and her enthusiasm for DIY projects is infectious!  Crafting is becoming more and more popular and especially with the amount of time spent in lockdown this past year, it is the perfect hobby to pass some time.

The metallics trend is still one of the key interior and homeware looks that shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Copper is part of this big trend and is perfect for crafters wanting to upcycle DIY projects.  There’s a vast array of amazing DIY copper projects that can be found on Pinterest and Instagram to give you ideas for some fun and interesting upcycles.

On this page we take a look at some of the copper paints available on the market which are perfect for helping you create your DIY copper projects at home. We compare from different brands and look at the properties of each paint, helping you to decide what one is the best choice for your project.

Arteza Acrylic Paint, Pearl Copper Gold 

Copper Acrylic PaintFirst up is this acrylic copper paint from makers Arteza. This is the perfect paint if you were wanting to create a one-off piece of art work for your room. It is ideal for using on a canvas, it has a rich highly pigmented colour, and has a nice and thick consistency giving a smooth and even finish on the surface. Arteza comes with fantastic consumer reviews, with users commenting on the rich colour, and the thick consistency of the product. All of their paints come certified by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, they are non-toxic guaranteeing peace of mind that they are safe.


You don’t need to be an artist to give painting a go. Abstract art can be anything you want, layers of different tones of paint can create an interesting and vivid piece that is totally unique and bespoke to the colours of the room this is to go in. Unleash your inner artist and give it go- you might be surprised at the results!

Rust-oleum Metallic Bright Copper 400ml 

Copper Spray Paint Rust-oleumAerosol Spray paint allows you to create an even and thin coat across the object that you are painting. This is good for building up layers slowly and evenly limiting the risk of creating drips and uneven areas. Spray cans are also great for allowing paint to get into tiny crevices and awkward corners that aren’t easily reached using a brush.


This Bright Copper by Rust-oleum is one of our favourites and a must have for any crafter. It can be used on a number of different surfaces from wood, metal, masonry, ceramic, wicker and plaster finishes. This is a highly durable and corrosion resistant paint.  It has a lovely vibrant metallic finish, and is more of the orangey side of copper than the rose gold effect. 

This could be used on so many different objects as part of an upcycling project. Think mirror frames, candle sticks, vases, pieces of furniture, handles- just about anything in fact you can think of!

As with any aerosol paint- be sure to take precaution when using this product and ensure that you have good ventilation when using it. Make sure you cover all surrounding areas with a sheet. This product is fast drying and can be touch dry in a matter of 20 mins ready for re-spraying again.

Antique Bronze Chalk Based Furniture Paint

Copper Antique Chalk PaintChalk paints have a matt finish and are a popular choice for creating a shabby chic, rustic, vintage feel to furniture. It is often used to give an aged distressed feel to items of furniture or home décor pieces. One of the key benefits to a chalk-based paint is that no primer is needed first before using. It can be applied straight over a surface even if they have already been painted, making this a really popular choice with DIY’ers.


This Shabby Chic chalk paint is designed specifically for furniture, and can be used straight onto wood both bare and painted, metal, plastic brick or stone plaster. If you want to create that shabby chic distressed look why not paint the first coat in another contrasting colour then the top coat in another colour, then sand back slightly to reveal the colour underneath.

This is a water-based paint so brushes can easily be washed afterwards using soap and water rather than white spirits.

If you have a piece of furniture that no longer fits the colour scheme your going for- then why not use a chalk-based paint and paint it. This would look great on a side table for a living room, or a bedside table, a dressing table or a chair or stool. These would sure to create an instant wow factor in your room and give older pieces a new lift and a totally new feel.

Hammerite Direct To Rust - Copper Finish 250ml

Hammerite Metallic Copper PaintHammerite is the paint you need for any metal jobs. It has a special formulation that allows you to paint this straight onto rusty surfaces, with no primer or undercoat needed. This paint can be used both indoors and outdoors- which create endless possibilities for upcycling DIY projects using this copper finish. Have you always dreamed about creating an outside as special as your inside space- but with little budget you don’t know how? Well, why not try some of this paint on your metal garden furniture? Chairs, benches or tables would look very striking in this finish. Or you could paint the metal door furniture like the door knocker, or letterbox in this amazing copper finish. If you have some metal pots- you could give them the metallic treatment to create a really modern garden environment.  


This paint can also be used indoors don’t forget so start looking for all the metal pieces that you want to transform for a new interior look that is bang on trend!

V1rtus Glitter Paint Additive Copper

Copper Glitter Paint
We absolutely love this range of glitter additives that are made to be added to any water-based paint or varnish. They are non-toxic and are completely safe for use in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. They add instant sparkle and glamour to whatever surface you’re using them for. They are colour and fade resistant, and are enhanced with light reflecting crystals for that extra sparkly sparkle.


This product is really easy and simple to use- you just add the desired amount into the paint or varnish as required and mix it around. No crafting project is complete without a handful of glitter on it.

This would be perfect for creating a feature copper wall within a room- to create a striking effect perhaps as a back drop for a bed, or behind a sofa. This would also look great painted onto picture frames, candle sticks or vases to add a touch of luxe and glamour to the products. Or add a copper glittered effect to a mirror for an instant wow factor!

We have only just touched the surface of some of the products out there that you can use to create your own unique copper inspired craft project. We have a range of different paints within our collection for every crafting need. Click here to view.