Copper Style Edit - Living Rooms

Copper Living Room Style Inspiration

Copper remains one of the on trend metallics that interior designers love to use within homes and commercial spaces. And it is easy to see why this has such a mass appeal. Copper works across different styles from modern, to traditional, with a versatility and aesthetic appeal that works in almost any area across the home. This popularity has given rise to an influx of gorgeous homeware pieces that can be integrated into your home to create a new fresh look, or update an already existing scheme.

Whether you love a bold statement interior, or something altogether more subtle we have created some mood boards to show you some of the ways in which copper can look great in your home, how to style it, and what products we love to create these looks.   

In this copper style edit, interior designer Holly May will talk you through how to work with this gorgeous metallic to add a touch of luxe, warmth, and colour to your interior.

Living Room

Living rooms should be a place where you are able to sit, relax and unwind. More often than not these rooms are now multifunctional spaces, with eating, watching tv, listening to music, working, entertaining, to family time together, this room often has a lot going on. The living room may need to work hard as a space, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort, practicality and style. A living room should be both functional and practical, but also a place where you love to chill out in surroundings that make you feel yourself, and reflect what you love.

Copper looks amazing in a living room, adding warmth, personality and luxe to the room.


Copper Style Edit - Living Rooms Moodboard

I absolutely love this modern themed mood board for a living room. Set against an inky dark blue backdrop, straight lines, graphic elements, and rich textures, the copper adds a punchy contrast, and a touch of luxury and sophistication to the scheme.

This look is bold and will create a real wow factor. In this scheme the accents of copper can also be quite bold, and used throughout the room to guide your eye around, and to create a cohesion to the look.

Copper Cushions

Copper Cushion CoversI absolutely love these gorgeous sumptuous copper velvet cushions. The material sits perfectly within this style complementing the feel of luxury, richness and comfort.  These cushions come as a pack of 2, and are sold as covers only- cushions are purchased separately.

 The covers come in a number of different sizes, (7 altogether) which I especially love - as depending on the size of your sofa, armchair or chaise, you can buy them to suit the space you have perfectly. It also means that you can reuse existing cushion inners and just replace the covers if you wish- making this a cheaper option than some others. This brand also has a number of other gorgeous cushions covers in a variety of different colours, so if you want to add in another colour you can pair them easily with another one from the same company, (meaning you know that the material will be the same) for co-ordination. Mix and matching sizes of different colours can add interest and create a focal point to your sofa.

Copper Side Tables

Copper Side Tables Living Room & Bedroom
These copper side tables from brand Kare are the epitome of sleek modern design. Suitable for indoor use only- these side tables are perfect for use in a living room, to sit beside a sofa, or armchair, or together as a cluster instead of one big coffee table. Not only is this piece practical, but it also makes a very striking design statement within your room. The frames are made from a powder coated steel, and features a toughened safety glass round top, which rests on top of the side table- allowing it to easily be removed for cleaning. The side tables are very good quality, and sturdy, whilst at the same time lightweight enough that they can easily be moved around the room, should you need. Perfect as a table for putting down drinks, phone, tablets, and also a lovely surface to add some stylish decoration to. We love them!


Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

Copper Hanging Planter Homeware DecorationHanging planters are a great way to add some interest to your walls, with a decorative touch, and bring some greenery into your interior. This beautiful design is created by Moe Takemura for Umbra. The result are these stunning modern, geometric planters in copper and concrete. They are small and lightweight so would work well within a small space or within a larger space combined with pictures or other wall decorations as part of a bigger display used in multiples. Succulents, cactuses, or trailing faux plants look really good in them- and compliment the modern feel of the design. The geometric style perfectly fits with the material choice of the copper and concrete which are synonymous with modern styling.


October Elf Wall Clock

Copper Wall Clock
Wall clocks come no more stylish than this gorgeous one from the brand October Elf. The simple modern design features a black background set against copper clock face. What is an especially important feature of this wall clock is the silent non ticking hands- which I always feel is a real must from a clock. Clocks are a great multifunctional item, being both a very practical object, really very handy within a living room space- but also an aesthetic object that also contributes in terms of decoration supporting a style and acting as part of a cohesive scheme. This black and copper clock would work equally as well hung against a dark background similar to the clock face- or against a lighter wall providing more contrast. This is a lovely way to introduce an accent of copper into an interior in a practical and stylish way.


Copper Vase

Copper Vase Homeware Accessory Deocration
Vases are great homeware pieces that bring life and personality into a room. They are both decorative and functional, working equally as well as a simple decorative item without any flowers in, as they do look stunning with either real cut flowers or artificial flowers in them. I love this vase with the geometric shaped surface and an almost ombre effect colour of copper going into a dark metal gun grey. This could work as a standalone piece for decoration or as part of a collection of grouped vases together in a cluster to form a larger display piece. Everything about this vase says, simplicity and beauty.


Modern Copper Table Lamp With Shade

Copper Table LampsLighting within any room is a really important part in creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and is made up of different types of light- general, mood and task lighting. Mood lighting such as table lamps form one of these elements in creating an ambient and cosy feel.  Table lamps within a living room are good for positioning on top of a stationary side table, or sideboard. A table lamp will give off a soft ambient light designed to create a glow. These beautiful copper and black table lamps have a striking geometric design which would work in a modern living room setting to brighten your home and create a contemporary feature. The table lamp measures at a height of 40cm with a width of 25cm. It is mains powered and requires an E14 light bulb (which is not included) We hope you’ll agree these table lamps are the perfect accessory for any living room.


Copper Loop Candle Holder

Copper Candle HolderCandles are a lovely way to create a cosy atmosphere in a home, especially in a living room. These candle stick holders from Black + Blum are simply beautiful. They feature a very unique design that sees one single piece of wire hand bent through 5 different mandrels to create the shape you see before you. Made from high quality chromed steel, with copper tips these candle holders are one-of-a-kind pieces. They can be both displayed individually or linked together to form a 4-piece candle holder. These pieces would make a stunning centre piece for a dining table, or as a display object on a sideboard. If you know someone who loves copper, these would make an ideal birthday, Christmas present, or wedding gift. Teamed with white taped candles this is an elegant, unique and classic item for any home.


StoneGlow Sandalwood & Patchouli Reed Diffuser  

Copper Oil Reed Diffuser
Adding a copper accent into a room can come in all shapes and sizes, from the bold to the tiniest detail that can help pull a look together. For me, the details are what make a room so special and well thought out. This StoneGlow reed diffuser is a great example of just that kind of detail that can make a room look really cohesive. This diffuser is scented with the delicious aroma of sandalwood and patchouli, which would fill your space with this aroma lasting up to 10 weeks. Whilst there are many varieties of reed diffusers on the market- I have specifically chosen this one for our copper style edit for the beautiful paring of the two colours that make up this design. The dark glass, with the copper label and top. It may seem a small item on its own, but combined in a living space with other copper accents this will really add to the scheme. This would make a lovely gift idea for someone’s birthday or Christmas.


We hope that this living room style edit has given you some useful ideas on how to add copper accents into a living room through the use of both practical and beautiful objects, and has inspired you to bring the copper into your own home with this inspiration. If you want to see some more ideas for other areas of our home click through our pages for more inspiration. Kitchens, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garden, Copper Interior Design Trend.