7 Year Copper Anniversary Gift Guide

Wedding anniversaries are one of the many ways to reminisce upon your special day and celebrate your love and life together. Many couples choose to commemorate their anniversary with gifts as a mark of their special day, and to show their continuing love and commitment to each other.
Each year of marriage has a suggested material correlating to each anniversary. This is meant to range from the weakest material to the strongest, symbolising the strengthening of the marriage as the years progress.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide 7 Years Copper

Whilst this is by no means something that couples need to follow; it can be a fun and creative way to buy gifts each year if you decide to follow the guide.

The suggested gift for 7 years anniversary, is the material copper. Copper we hear you say? What can I buy with copper?  Never fear, we have decided to help you out with some fantastic gift ideas for your 7th Anniversary. 

Copper Dog Blended Scotch Whiskey

Ok, so we know this one isn’t strictly copper (but you can forgive us right?) This is a great anniversary present idea for any lovers of whiskey. The makers of Copper Dog describe this whiskey as blending displays of fresh fruit characters of rich confected apple, ripe pear and berries with a delicate touch of citrus. Sweet wood and vanilla tones back up the fruit flavours perfectly. You could even buy a whiskey glass alongside this to complement the bottle of whiskey.


Hand Forged Copper Anniversary Rose Sculpture

Copper Anniversary Gift 7 Years

This stunning handcrafted metal rose is made by hand from mild steel and coloured copper. This gift uses the traditional method of blacksmithing, using a furnace to heat the metal until its red hot, then the metal is shaped to create this beautiful rose sculpture. Each piece is handmade, making this a one-of-a-kind present. This copper rose would look beautiful as a centre piece decoration in a vase, or as an ornament on a sideboard. This special gift is a lovely to way to commemorate an anniversary, and even more significant if roses played a part in your wedding flowers. This present is not only unique and a one-off piece, but is a really thoughtful way to mark a 7 year copper anniversary with a rose that will last a lifetime.


You Are My Rock Copper Heart Inlay

Copper Anniversary Gift 7 Years

This sentimental little gift is the perfect 7th Anniversary gift to show how much someone means to you. This rock has been found on a beach in Cornwall and cast into solid metal. The rock comes with a little explanation of where it was found and how it has come to be made.  This gift is made with quality and has a sense of weight about it. It is cast in a silver material with a copper inlay heart, and the words ‘You Are My Rock 7 Years’. This is a really special and heart felt present that to tell someone how you feel about them. This would look beautiful displayed on a bedside table or sideboard as a decoration piece, or could be used as a special paper weight object. Suitable for both men and women, we think you’ll agree this is a lovely item to receive.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs


Do you have a partner who loves a cocktail? Well, we have the ideal gift for you! These beautiful copper mugs are the perfect partner to drinking cocktails from, making these a great addition to any kitchen, drinks trolley or bar! Moscow Mules were invented to be drunk from a copper vessel, why we hear you ask? The copper mug keeps the drink cool, and the copper enhances the flavours and fizz. Of course, these copper mugs are not only designed exclusively for Moscow Mules, any cocktails, beers, iced teas or any drink you can think of can be savoured from one of these!


Not only does this set come with a his and hers mug which features a motif on the front of each one, but they also come with 2 copper unique straws, a jigger, a recipe booklet, a cleaning cloth and a bonus ring bottle opener all in lovely gift box. A great gift I hope you’ll agree!

 Alex Perry Necklace- Copper, Rose-Gold


Copper Necklace 7th Wedding Anniversary Present

This beautiful and elegant pendant in rose gold and cubic zirconia would make a stunning anniversary present. Not copper per se but the rose gold is similar in hue and resembles the copper material that is associated with a 7th Wedding Anniversary. This classy pendant feature interlocking circles with a round cubic zirconia set in the middle, and as a present could be said to symbolise the interlocking and intertwined hearts of both of you within the marriage. This necklace comes with its own special gift box, making this something to truly treasure and keep. This could equally be worn every day or when dressed up for a special occasion wear.

Copper Champagne Glasses



These copper champagne glasses are both elegant and bang on trend. Unlike glass champagne glasses that can be prone to being smashed due to their delicate nature, these are made from stainless steel, making them shatterproof- which is ideal after a couple of glasses of the fizzy stuff! They also come supplied in an attractive gift box.

Personalised Song Print Sound Waves

This is a unique and intensely personal anniversary present. This beautiful foil printed sound wave gifts are all individual and designed specifically according to your specifications and totally personalised for you. Any song can be chosen to be printed onto the coloured background using a raised effect foil in either silver, gold or copper. This special present could feature a really special song of choice that means something to you both as a couple, for example the song you played as your first wedding dance.