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Copper Moodboard Inspiration

Copper Inspiration Moodboard

Wallpapers continue to be one of the key trends within interior décor. A good wallpaper can create a statement, add drama, add colour, and create an atmosphere within the space. But with thousands of varieties available the choice can sometimes feel overwhelming enough to stop you from making a decision on one.

In this guide we have a look at an interior trend that has been popular for a while now- but shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. Metallics continue to dominate the interior design world, copper playing a very big part within this trend.

Copper Metallics Inspiration

Copper creates a warm and luxurious feel, in a variety of hues from a deep orangey red- to a lighter and brighter rose gold copper on the other end of the spectrum. Copper homewares are seen throughout the market, with pieces for each and every area of your home. Furniture, textiles, upholstery, decoration accessories, mirrors, kitchenware, paint and wallpaper are available in this key look.

Copper brings a sense of warmth to a space, and it is very versatile, working in a variety of different settings and across a range of styles, from ultra-modern, to industrial, rustic and traditional, and Scandinavian modern.

In this blog post we take a look at one of our favourite elements of this homeware, copper wallpapers. We find our favourites and review them.

Fine Décor Wallcoverings- Apex Geo, Rose Gold

Copper Wallpaper- Fine Deco Apex Geo, Rose Gold This stunning wallpaper is from the makers Fine Décor. It has a striking geometric pattern that will create a big statement in any room. This wallpaper could work in many rooms within a house, creating a wow feature for a living room, bedroom, or a dining room. It’s a grown-up, fun, pretty look that I could also see appealing to teenagers who want more of a sophisticated luxe feel in their bedrooms.


It has geometric tonal shades of pale pink, white, taupe, and grey tones, with a rose gold copper line that differentiates the shapes.  With the colours in this wallpaper being very light, I think this could work with metallics of either silver or copper depending on what you prefer. Paired with copper accents this would bring out the warmer shades in the design such as the blush pink.  Paired with silver accents this would give the look a slighter cooler feel overall. It sits really well with a light floor such as a light wood effect, or a grey plush carpet would feel sumptuous against this wallpaper. This is a beautiful modern wallpaper with a very subtle hint of copper that would look stunning paired with more copper accents in the home. 

World of Wallpaper - Metro Diamond Geometric Wallpaper – Charcoal & Copper  

Copper Wallpaper - World of Wallpaper, Metro Diamond Geometric, Copper Charcoal
This is another stunning contemporary geometric wallpaper but this time the copper is a gorgeous rich orangey copper set against a matt charcoal grey background. The two colours work in harmony together but produce a striking contrast at the same time. The geometric pattern is overlayed creating an almost 3D design effect. This would work really well as a striking statement feature wall perhaps within a living room, bedroom or a dining room. It has a sophisticated contemporary modern feel, that wouldn’t feel out of place within a high-end hotel. It comes in 10.5m lengths by 53cm wide with a 32cm pattern repeat. If used as a feature piece within a room, the walls could be painted with a similar charcoal colour to match the background of the wallpaper, and the accessories within the room could match the copper lines.


 Yol – Havana Copper Distressed Industrial Metallic Wallpaper

Copper Wallpaper- Yol Havana Distressed Industrial MetallicThis is a copper wallpaper with difference- unlike others that have copper elements within the shapes or patterns, this wallpaper actually creates an effect of a sheet of copper on the wall. If you love the industrial style this would really support that feeling. It features a distressed design with metallic elements in copper and brown, and has a textured look which would add a real sense of depth to a room. It is very unusual and would really add a sense of drama and interest to any space. If you love the rustic and natural look of copper then this would be a great wallpaper choice.

Fine Décor – Apex Trellis Sidewall Wallpaper, Copper & Charcoal    

Copper Wallpaper - Fine Decor Apex Trellis Sidewall, Copper/CharcoalThe pattern on this wallpaper features a curvy elegant classic design. It uses a colour pallet of a charcoal and copper which work harmoniously together. The charcoal grey has a slight textured pattern which looks like a fine linen almost, giving this wallpaper a classic modern feel. It would look great in a bedroom or living room and would create a very warm and inviting environment. The tone of the copper creates a really soft warm sheen making for an understated glamourous look. This could be paired with warm tones of wood such as an oak, or a dark brown wood, or if you want to create more of a contemporary feel it could also work with a gloss finish such as a white or grey gloss.

 Fine Décor – Metallic Marble Wallpaper Charcoal & Copper

Copper Wallpaper - Fine Decor, Metallic Marble Charcoal & Copper Marble has been making a huge comeback within interior design for a number of years, it is synonymous with quality and luxury. This stunning charcoal and copper marble effect wallpaper has taped into that current trend and created something really striking. This wallpaper features a striking mix of a charcoal grey background against a veiny copper thread which runs throughout the paper. Much like real marble it has an abstract mottled pattern which creates an interesting and unique pattern on the wall. Another striking wallpaper that could either work as a feature wall or wallpapered throughout a room. This would look stunning within a living room, bedroom or a dining room.

 Fine Décor – Loft Brick Wallpaper Brown & Copper

Copper Wallpaper - Fine Decor, Loft Brick Copper & BrownThis wallpaper taps into the very popular industrial style that is a big look within commercial and residential spaces in the interior design world.  Exposed brickwork and copper create a big element of creating an industrial feeling, both of which have been used within this amazing wallpaper from the makers at Fine Décor. The brickwork effect pattern wallpaper creates the look of an exposed wall, the mix of brown bricks have a hint of copper flecked throughout the bricks and the mortar lines to create something really special indeed. With the hint of copper running throughout the wallpaper it creates a feeling of warmth and reflects the light off the sheen from the copper. This wallpaper would work exceptionally well to create a cool feeling of a warehouse vibe room, this may really appeal not only just to adults but teenagers too who might love this New York warehouse living feeling within their own space.

These are just a very few of the many beautiful and striking copper wallpapers that are on the market currently. To see more please visit our collection.