Why Are Moscow Mules Served In Copper Cups?

The Moscow Mule is made up from a couple of ingredients only- but this cocktail packs a real punch, making it an absolute classic. Made from a trio of ingredients; spirit, mixer and citrus, this is about as simple as cocktails come. Vodka, ginger beer, and a splash of lime and this cocktail is good to go. 

Copper Cups Moscow Mules

This cocktail might be very easy to make- but it is important to remember that what its served in is almost as important as the ingredients itself. The Moscow Mule is synonymous with the copper vessel that is is drank from - and for good reason. 

Why A Copper Cup?

A drink served in a copper cup or vessel evenly disperses the heat around and so the heat that is generated from your hand whilst holding it won't heat up your drink. 

. Copper cups keeps the liquid colder for longer as it is able to regulate temperatures, which make this perfect for cocktails which are best served cold.

. Copper ions are dissolved into the liquid, and these enhance the flavour and the aroma of the distilled spirits and drinks.

Moscow Mule Cup

It is believed according to sources that the Moscow Mule was invented in 1941 in a British pub in LA named the ‘Cock n Bull’ by John Martin and Jack Morgan.

Martin was struggling to sell Smirnoff vodka to the American market, and Morgan was struggling in selling ginger beer. They spent hours together creating different concoctions until they hit upon the perfect recipe that we now know as a Mosco Mule consisting of ginger beer and vodka, and a squeeze of lime served in a solid copper mug. The copper mug was a key element in this cocktail ensuring the drink stayed cold and the vessel helped to enhance the flavour and aroma of the drink. As a marketing exercise and Martin would travel between bars taking photographs of bartenders holding a Mosco Mule in a copper mug in one hand and holding a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka in the other. He took 2 polaroid’s, leaving one for the bar and one which he would take to the next bar in order to show what the competition were selling. Martins’ ingenuity of how to market the cocktail ensured it became one of Americans long standing most popular cocktails, and the copper vessel became a signature part of this drink.


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