Copper Interiors Trend

Copper Interior Design Trend

The copper trend in homeware that has accelerated in recent years shows no signs of slowing down. It’s official- we are a copper loving nation who just can’t get enough of it in our homes. Copper has taken over the interior design world and retailers by storm.

Copper (now not only the best friend of plumbers!) used to be mostly associated with pipes, but now you can buy copper themed accessories for every single room in your home. The copper trend seems to be here to stay- but less of a trend now, and more so a main stay of the interior design footprint.

Whilst brushed stainless steel and shiny chrome used to be the first choice for any modern décor, copper is now rivalling this in terms of its commercial popularity. It creates a fashionable sleek modern look in homes, and commercial spaces, and is the metallic material of choice right now. Once a material used only in a traditional setting, it’s been reinvented, and we are rediscovering our love for this in an exciting array of new looks and products used within a variety of different settings to create a vastly different décor each time.

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What makes Copper so popular?

One of the stand out features of this metallic is its gorgeous warm, rich, glowing hue. Copper tones range from a deep reddish brown, to something more orangey and vibrant, or when left to react with oxygen it will even turn green- a process known as oxidation! It can be both either matt or shiny in finish.

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Aside from its standout look, the material also has a number of different benefits to it. It is a sustainable material, being 100% recyclable, it’s a natural material, it’s tough, easy to form, and is very hygienic with antibacterial properties.

But within the interior’s world it’s the aesthetics of the material that’s a big reason why people have fallen in love with it. This feeling of warmth is a big factor in why this material feels so nice to have in your home. It acts as a direct contrast to its predecessor stainless steel which is cooler and more clinical in its feel.

Whilst stainless steel and polished chrome went hand in hand with sleek white glossy surfaces in its heyday, copper sits perfectly alongside darker deeper colours such as midnight blues, teal or rose pink, creating a totally different look and feel to what we had been used to seeing in interiors for a number of years. The use of copper in an interior or a commercial space brings a sophisticated, level of luxury, and a sense of warmth. This is the go-to metallic shade of choice right now.

How versatile is it in style?

Copper as a material finish is also really versatile, sitting perfectly alongside both a modern and traditional look. The beauty of the use of copper within a home is the broad spectrum of different colours that it can be paired alongside providing a vast array of different looks that can be created using this material finish.  

Copper Rustic Style- Interior Design

Rustic Style

Copper, known for its ability to conduct heat was traditionally used within the kitchen through copper pots, pans, saucepans and teapots. This is where it was traditionally first seen within a rustic country farmhouse style, and still works today within this look.

Scandinavian Interior Design- Copper Twist

Scandinavian Design

Another way copper can be used in design- and one of its most surprising pairings is within Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design; characterised by its pale woods, a predominately white feel, accents of graphic patterns in bold colours such as black, and a very strong link to nature- now has a new element, copper.

We have seen how this material works in harmony with these elements, hand in hand with beautiful rose pinks, whites, grey and pale woods creating a perfect partner to them. The use of copper accessories adds another touch of warmth alongside the natural woods. It is used sparingly as an accent rather than adopting a whole lot of copper, but is used to dramatic effect.

Modern Interior Design - Copper Trend

Modern Dark Style

In direct contrast to the use of copper within a Scandinavian interior which is predominately light in feel and look, copper works equally as powerfully set against an altogether darker backdrop of midnight blue, or teal. This pairing of colours and materials feel opulent and rich, screaming for attention. It creates contrast and is bold in its expression. The use of the copper within these schemes are usually on a grander scale, say perhaps a copper bath, or a cluster of copper lights hung above a table. In these schemes the material becomes one of the main elements of the design rather than a subtle accent feature.  

Industrial Trend- Interior Design- Copper

Industrial Style

Another very favoured look for both homes and commercial spaces is the mix of copper within an industrial style décor. This look has been extremely popular within restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues and shops all adopting variations on the theme. The industrial look is characterised by exposed brickwork, ductwork, and pipes where all valves and fixings are visible. Where such elements were once hidden- they now proudly form part of the decoration itself.

Industrial Style - Copper Trend - Interior Design

The use of unfinished woods, concrete, and leathers are also key to pulling this look together. Not only does this décor work in larger commercial or retail spaces, but is also popular as a design choice within the home. Through the use of copper towel rails, and taps, bathrooms are one area of the home that can instantly identify with this trend. Living rooms, and kitchens also see creative takes on this using copper pipes to create interesting open shelving to display kitchen accessories or decoration on.

The industrial style whereby copper provides a key element of this look, typifies why copper has become so popular and continues to stay so popular is its ability to work in both a modern and more traditional setting. Copper no longer a trend, but something that is here to stay!

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In our next article we take a more in depth look at what copper home furnishing accessories there are out there, and how to use them within specific rooms. We have a style edit post of our favourite pieces and how they can be styled to create gorgeous interiors with our favourite material- copper!

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