Copper Style Edit - Gardens

Copper Autumn Leaves

From orangery red leaves in autumn, to copper red sunsets- copper within nature go hand in hand, so bringing copper homeware accents into your garden is a natural fit.

Copper is a trending metallic that is popular within homes, gardens and commercial spaces. This has brought an array of gorgeous homeware pieces into the market for the home and garden. Copper has a mass appeal that works across different styles from modern, to traditional, depending on which one you prefer. This look has a versatility and aesthetic appeal that will create a striking and luxurious statement.

In this style guide Interior Designer Holly May brings you her favourite copper picks for your garden or patio space to inject some of this gorgeous colour into your home.

 Copper Style Edit - Gardens

Using accents of copper within a garden will create a visual feast of colours. The backdrop of the green from nature, from the grass, shrubs, bushes and trees, set against the rich warm fiery orangey red copper creates a dramatic contrast to create a vibrant look. In summer, the copper homeware pieces would work well set against vivid fuchsia pinks, bright whites, vibrant oranges and bright reds from flowers. The mixing of these would bring even more of an explosion of colour into your space.

Copper accents can be added easily, and not expensively, brought into an outside space in a variety of different ways with some of the gorgeous homeware pieces that are available on the market currently.

The mood board shows just how striking this mix of colours could work together to create your dream look for alfresco dining, relaxing, or just enjoying your outdoors space.

GloBrite Copper Solar Lantern Light

Copper Solar Lantern LightThis gorgeous solar powered light is a decorative and beautiful way in which to bring an element of copper into your garden. With its delicate cut out detail and stunning orb shape it brings a touch of Moroccan living into your outdoors area. The solar panel on the top of the lamp is powered by sunlight, meaning that no electricity is needed in order to illuminate this light. It can be hung from a stable tree branch, or used on the floor, or on a table. The intricate cut out design of the lamp produces the most amazing pattern when illuminated, giving out the most beautiful ambient atmospheric mood light. The table lantern is lit using LED lights, which are one of the most energy efficient and long-lasting sources of light available, and have a lifespan of around 30,000 hours. This lamp is sure to add a touch of glam and ambience to your space, in my mind it conjures up images of being on holiday, relaxing in the evening over a meal and drinks. With this product, more is definitely more. To create maximum effect and atmosphere- it would be lovely to have a number of these leading down a pathway, or clustered within a tree together, placed throughout the borders, or even used as table centre pieces if you’re dining alfresco.  I absolutely love this product!


Copper Outdoor Lights

Copper Outdoor Lights
Fairy lights are a guaranteed way to add some atmosphere into an outdoors space and I particularly love these copper-coloured outdoor lights. The colour of light they give off is such a warm orangey glow which creates such a welcoming feeling. Depending on if you are able to power lights outside using electricity or if this isn’t possible there are options available for both. There are plug in options of LED copper fairy lights which come on a very long length wire, and have a remote-control access which allows a change in different twinkle modes, and dimmable functions.  On the other hand, if you would prefer not to use a plug-in light- there are also some amazing solar powered fairy lights available. These to come with the option to change the brightness levels and create different effects with the combination of lights modes. They have LED bulbs, and charge throughout the day and then light up at night time, or automatically when it gets dark. They take around 6-8 hours to charge fully and have a lifespan of 10-14 hours working time from that full charge.


Fairy lights look beautiful draped into trees, hung over gazebos, woven into the flower beds, or twisted around a pergola. These lights are a really simple and yet effective way of adding a touch of copper accent into your garden or patio in a pretty way to create an atmosphere.

Centurion Supports Fireology Capulet Fire Pit

Copper Fire Pit For GardenFire pits create a lovely focal point within an outdoor space- and provide the perfect spot to lounge and relax around. They create a really cosy atmosphere from which to sit around, and provide some heat to keep you warm when the evenings become a little chillier. This copper fire pit is from manufacturer Centurion Supports. I love the design of this fire pit; it has an antique bronze weave effect bucket which is complemented by a stylish decorative copper outer ring and legs to stand on. I really love this accent of copper on this- it perfectly compliments the colour of fire which burns from its middle.


This fire pit is actually a multi-functional 3 in 1 product as it can not only be used as a fire pit, but also an ice bucket, and a barbecue, making this a really good investment piece for the garden. The centre of the table holds a grill steam barbeque insert which is used for cooking food from, and the bowl can be filled with ice which is perfect for hot days to keep drinks chilled. If you’re spending a whole day in the garden, this could be used throughout the day from keeping drinks cold, to cooking food on, to chilling around in the evening.

Classic Home & Garden Planter, Distressed Copper 15 Inches

Copper Garden Planter
Planters are a great way to bring some extra plants and flowers into a space. They are a really good investment for areas such as balconies and patios as they help to soften the space, and help to add some colour and create focal points within an outdoors setting. Equally though they also can create some height and interest within a border or bedding area to break up the look of how the flowers are grown.


Planters and pots also give you the chance to inject some style accents in, and this is why we absolutely love this gorgeous copper planter.  This gorgeous planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a special UV coated finish which will protect its colour from fading. It is perfect for injecting a touch of copper colour into your garden.

Corinthian Bells Windchime Copper Vein

Copper Wind Chime
Outdoor spaces are a multi-sensory environment. Gardens are as much about the sounds, and the smells as they are the look. Think about the sound of bird song, or listening to rain hit the ground, think of summer evenings with the smell of a BBQ drifting over your fence, or the sweet smell of summer roses. So, when planning your garden or outdoor area, think about these elements also, as much as you consider the aesthetic look of the space. This is why I have included this copper wind chime, as it works both aesthetically as well as creating a beautiful sound. This wind chime has a beautiful hammered copper finish and could be hung from a tree branch or hung off a bracket attached to a wall or fence.


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