Copper Style Edit - Kitchens

Copper Style Edit - Kitchen

Kitchens are a really easy place to update your look fairly quickly, easily and relatively cheaply to. Kitchens are something we invest in for many years, and so changing worktops, doors and splashbacks aren’t always an option if you want to change up the look of your room, as these are often costly to replace. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a new look with the use of some cleverly placed home accessories to give them room a new feel.

Interior designer Holly May has pulled together her favourite picks of copper kitchen accessories for the kitchen to help you create a new look in your room!

Copper Style Edit - Kitchen

Proware Copper Saucepans

Copper Saucepan Set
Proware saucepans are one of the best on the market. They have been in the manufacturing and designing kitchenware business for decades, and are synonymous for producing professional, high quality and beautiful cookware to last a lifetime.  We love the shape of these pans, they could look good within both a modern or traditional kitchen setting, and have a timeless feel to them.


Due to coppers material properties this makes them an ideal choice as saucepans. They are excellent heat conductors, and will heat the food equally thus avoiding hot and cold spots in your food. This material is also very durable, and corrosion resistant. Whilst copper saucepans are often more expensive than other types of saucepans that are available these are a real investment piece that will last you for years and years whilst not needing to be replaced.

These would be an ideal gift you could put on a wedding list, and hope that you are treated to them as presents.

Morphy Richards Salt & Pepper Mills

Electronic Copper Salt & Pepper Mills
Salt and pepper mills don’t have to be simply practical items that serve one purpose only, and that are often hidden from sight. These salt and pepper mills are ones that you could proudly display on the worktop instantly adding a touch of cool copper to your kitchen. We especially love these ones from brand Morphy Richards which are electronic so just require a simple touch of a button to grind your salt and pepper. They have handy transparent sections which are very practical allowing you to see how much you have got left in there before you need to refill, they also have a handy light function that comes on when you are dispensing the salt or pepper. These makers really have thought of everything! They also come with a free 1 year guarantee. 


Morphy Richards Copper Knife Set

Copper Knife SetThis copper knife set from Morphy Richards is a great way to add some real personality into your kitchen with something practical and stylish. It will instantly bring that accent of copper into your room and create a bit of a focal point on your worktop. When using accent colours in a room it is a good idea to have certain points in a room whereby you allow your eyes to stop and notice the accents whilst using other points of the same accent to allow your gaze to continue around the room, this is where you create a cohesion within the room.


This set consists of 5 knives which consists of a a chefs knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a paring knife and a slicing knife. The blades are made of a high grade steel which allows them to be sharpened easily and provide excellent precision cutting through a range of different ingredients. The handles have an ergonomic design providing a comfortable and safe handling of the knife. They The knives are kept secure and safe when not in use with the sturdy copper coloured knife block that looks really stylish when it can be positioned on top of the worktop.

They also come with a fantastic guarantee of 5 years with this set- making this product really good value for money.

Copper Bin 30L

Copper Kitchen Bin
Bins are another essential item within a kitchen, that you can use to add an injection of colour into your room with a product that is also practical at the same time. I love this copper retro feel bin for the kitchen. It has a capacity of 30L, has a slow closing lid mechanism, and has a removeable inner bucket to allow for easy changing of the rubbish bag inside. I really like to stylish design of this bin with the two tone metallic design fusing the copper and silver together. Although it has a nod to a retro past, this fusion of the two colours have brought it bang up to date and made it feel really modern. This would look great in any modern kitchen.


Russell Hobbs Kettle and Toaster Set

Copper Kettle & Toaster Set
This kettle and toaster set from brand Russell Hobbs are a thing of beauty. They are named Copper Sunset, and easy to see where the inspiration came from. They have a gorgeous copper and silver ombre effect which is very striking, it certainly creates somewhat of a feature.


The kettle has a 1.7 L capacity, a quieter boil feature and a rapid boil feature which means you can expect a cup of boiling water in a matter of just 45 seconds.

The toaster is a 4-slice toaster, in which both sides can be controlled separately and browned to your desired individual preferences. It also has a lift and look function allowing you to lift the bread to see if it’s done without having to start it over again.

Not only are these appliances stylish- they are also really smart and efficient. Again like mentioned previously, these would add that instant sense of luxe and design element to the room without having to spend a fortune- you also get something really practical at the same time.

Copper Planter

Copper Tabletop Planter I always like to have greenery in every room. Plants are good for your well being and are said to play a part in increasing your energy, and creativity and boosting your mood! Living herbs are perfect for the kitchen to have on a windowsill or worktop. Planters come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose exactly the size you need depending on how many herbs you want to grow. They also add another way in which you are able to inject some colour into your room with the greenery and by choosing a matching copper accessory for the room.


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