Spiritual Meaning Of Copper

Spiritual Meaning Copper

In physical terms copper is an excellent conductor of heat, and electric. It is malleable and ductile and easily distinguishable by its vivid orangey red colour. Copper is also well known for its healing properties, within the human body. It is an essential trace mineral that we need for the function of making red blood cells, supporting the immune system, forming collagen and supporting energy production.  We only need small amounts of this trace mineral on a daily basis but it is essential for our survival.

Copper also is an important part of the spiritual World, with a number of spiritual healings and metaphysical properties. It is used to stimulate energy flow; it conducts energy allowing a movement of healing energies that are sent around the body. It is used to amplify and transmit thoughts and it is believed to provide connections between the spiritual and physical realms with its high vibrating frequencies.


Copper supports in removing negative energy and balances out the chakras in order for you to be in the right place to receive all the spiritual world has to give. If you have felt a sense of lethargy, lack of energy and a sense of felling lost copper is able to awaken your senses and bring you into a much more positive and clearer place.

Spiritual Meaning Calm

The healing properties within this metal produce calming benefits to the user, and encourage an alignment between physical and emotional behaviours. It supports with creating less aggressive behaviours, maintaining clearer calmer thinking, and provides a self esteem boost.  Copper is able to know what you need in order to heal leading you to a place of space and calm for you to breath again.

Copper is seen as a positive energy within the spiritual world, it is here to work with you, clear out any surrounding negative energies and conduct feelings of positivity, and give you the calmness and clarity that you need in order to move ahead in the direction you so wish.

Spiritual Meaning Of Copper

Copper has a natural association with those under the Zodiac signs of Taurus and Sagittarius.

Copper can be worn on the body to absorb its healing powers with copper bracelets, necklaces, on a pendulum chain, or through the use of crystals and stones, or Chakra Orgone Pyramids.