A Clothing Revolution: Copper Clothes

Living in the current climate of a global pandemic caused by COVID -19 we all now have an ever more vested interest in hygiene and antibacterial products.

At the very start of the pandemic in early 2020 the UK saw an unprecedented demand for household items such as hand sanitiser, antibacterial cleaners, antibacterial wipes, and hand wash, (to name but a few.)


As soon as the products came into the shop it would sell out immediately, at this point the demand for the products far outweighed the supply. People were panic buying with mass hysteria for antibacterial items in a bid to keep themselves as safe as possible from the virus.  And, if you were lucky enough to purchase one of the aforementioned items you were most likely to have been limited in number to how many you could buy. We had seen nothing like this before.

Manufactures were soon able to adapt their supply chains in order to cope with the increased demand and so within a few short months the products became once again more readily available.

Now a year on into the pandemic what continues to remain- is our top-of-mind attention to ours and others hygiene standards and a continued interest in anything with antibacterial properties.

Antimicrobial Properties

Bacteria & Virus

The term antimicrobial refers to an agent that inhibits and kills microorganisms from growing.  Antimicrobials can be used within fabrics, and are most commonly found within the medical industry. Places such as hospitals use antimicrobial fabrics for bed sheets and pillow cases, hospital gowns, curtains, uniforms to support in creating a hygienic environment.

Copper (with its alloys) is a natural source of antimicrobial material. Copper surfaces have properties that are scientifically proven able to destroy a range of microorganisms that come into contact with the copper- some within a matter of hours, in contrast to other materials whereby the microorganisms can last up to weeks.

It has been proven that copper has an ability to destroy a number of superbugs; E.Coli, MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Influenza A virus, Adenovirus and Funghi. 

Copper surfaces are found in a lot of public areas whereby touch points such as door handles, lift buttons, railings, are effective as working as a disinfectant to high volumes of people. A huge benefit of the copper material is its ability to not loose its effectiveness over time- and when the material becomes tarnished. This makes copper one of the most hardworking materials around.

Copper Infused Fabrics

Copper Infused Fabrics

Given what we know about the super properties of copper- it is not surprising that innovative ways of using the material are being sought in order to reach new ways of harnessing its strengths. Copper yarn is being infused into fabrics which has revolutionised the textile industry and has made way for a number of new and innovative products on the market that tap into the antimicrobial, antibacterial trend that is very current right now.

Copper Face Masks

Copper Face Masks

A year ago, face masks were a thing of rarity. Something only really seen worn in other countries on the other side of the World to us- but, suddenly now- they are part and parcel of our everyday wear a necessity in many walks of our daily life. According to Google Trends the search term copper face masks reached a peak in the summer of 2020, where it was made mandatory to wear a face mask upon entering shops and using public transport within the UK. Although there are no direct claims made from manufacturers about copper masks being able to kill Covid-19 particles, the proven evidence of coppers antimicrobial properties could well mean that copper infused masks may offer better protection than others without the copper ions in.


Copper Antibacterial Compression Socks

Compression socks are used to help people to reduce swellings in their ankles and calves, enhance circulation, revive tired feet, boost circulation, help relieve aches and pains, and prevent blood clots in the lower leg area. Copper antibacterial compression socks have copper ions embedded within the yarns giving an added benefit of providing antibacterial properties to the socks. This is beneficial in supporting fungal infections of the feet which can be very common, and also in providing anti odour properties which can also be important in keeping odours at bay when feet become sweaty.  


Copper Infused Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis Joint Pain

Copper has long been associated with having healing benefits and has been linked with having positive effects on suffers of arthritis. Copper bracelets have been very popular with users who say that they felt their symptoms have been alleviated, they experienced less pain and they had more movement in joints since wearing one. Copper is absorbed by the body into the bloodstream from it being in constant connection with the skin, and it is believed that the healing elements of the copper are then distributed around the body to the joint pains that need it. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that wearing copper bracelets does provide any relief, many wearers do feel a difference from the copper.

Copper arthritis gloves are designed for use for men and women, and are made from copper nylon and spandex. They are designed as a support for people suffering with arthritis, carpal tunnel and tendonitis, to aid joint and muscle recovery, enhance blood circulation, stimulate oxygen.   


Copper Compression Sleeves

Copper compression sleeves have copper infused within the fabric. They are designed to help provide relief in the arm from stiffness and soreness, these can be especially beneficial for sportsman- golfers, and tennis players. The sleeve doesn't restrict any kind of movement, or circulation within the arm and is used to aid in pain relief, muscle recovery, and provide protection for the joints. Compression is used in cases of joint pain as it stimulates blood flow and circulation, which in turn helps to aid in the recovery to these effected areas. 


Copper Pants

Copper infused fabrics aren't limited to just supporting with pain relief. There are products available on the market that harness the benefits of its anti bacterial properties as well. Products such as underwear are a fantastic example of playing to this materials strengths. The pants themselves are often made with a mix of different materials, but the crotch area is quite often made with 100% copper fibre. This helps to eliminate and banish odours and help with hygiene and cleanliness in this area. 


Copper infused fabrics offer an exciting way of adding some great additional benefits to existing clothes. The health benefits of copper is vast and wide, from use with drinking from copper water bottles, to eating high in copper rich foods, we think you'll agree this is one super mineral and metal!